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Moon Tray

Moon Tray

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Moonstruck Must-Have: Crescent Moon Tray for Your Cosmic Curiosities

Feeling a little spacey? Channel your inner lunar goddess with the Crescent Moon Tray! This celestial catch-all is perfect for anyone who digs astrology, tarot, crystals, or just likes to accessorize with a touch of the cosmos.

Not Your Average Trinket Dish:

Shaped like a sleek crescent moon, it adds some serious out-of-this-world vibes to your space. But it's not all about looks (though, let's face it, this tray is outta sight).

  • Cosmic Catch-All: Tame the trinket tempest! Rings, earrings, crystals, random buttons – this moonlit haven keeps your treasures safe and stylish. Think of it as a landing pad for your mystical miscellany.
  • Altar Upgrade: Transform your vanity into a sacred space! Both water-resistant and heat-resistant, these moon trays come with a cork bottom to protect your surfaces while adding a touch of earthy charm. Perfect for displaying your crystals or tarot deck – because even magic needs a little organization, right?
  • Crystal Charging Station: Did you know the crescent moon is a symbol of intuition and psychic development? Totally rad, right? Use this tray to charge your crystals under the moonlight, soaking up that lunar mojo and amplifying their magical properties.

Basically, this Crescent Moon Tray is a must-have for any modern mystic. So ditch the boring bowls and embrace the moon magic!


4.5 x 8.0 x 0.75

Product Attributes

• Heat resistant
• Splash resistant
• Not food safe
• Not oven or dishwasher safe
• Do not submerge in water


• Eco-Resin
• Pigment
• Cork

Care Guide

• Wipe clean with mild soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly.
• Can be polished with stone & concrete cutting board wax

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